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CAP Job Search Tutorial: Home

This tutorial is for CAP students completing the Job Search Assignment at Seneca College.

outline of a person with a magnifying glass; a person with three checkmarks; and a report with a pencil beside it

The CAP Job Search Tutorial was developed for CAP students.

It will introduce you to the resources you need to complete:

► the Job Search Assignment, and

► the quiz in Blackboard

How to complete this tutorial:

Go through each of the individual modules:

  • Occupational Research
  • Employment Agencies
  • Professional Associations
  • Job Banks
  • Career Subject Guide/Career Cruising Database
  • Directories

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand the topics in each module and recognize its application to your job search strategy
  • Select appropriate resources from each module for your job search strategy
  • Use the resources to answer the questions in your assignment

Job Search Tutorial Quiz: 

You will have to complete a quiz in Blackboard. The quiz will be based on the content in this tutorial. 

Please note: the practice quiz in this tutorial is anonymous and is not mandatory. It is offered to help students prepare for the graded quiz in Blackboard.

If you have questions about the quiz in Blackboard please contact your instructor.

Image credits above: Job Search by Gem Designs from the Noun Project; job by DinosoftLab from the Noun Project; job by Assyifa Art from the Noun Project | assignment image credit Assignment by Noah from the Noun Project