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Writing and Communicating Technical Information: TEC400

TEC400 Resources

    This page has tools and resources to support the course assignments for TEC400.

Selected Magazine and Journal Databases

Newspaper Databases

Library Search

Case Studies

Assignment Calculator

calendar icon (in white) Assignment Planner
This Planner will help you break down your assignment or project into manageable steps and guide you to useful services and tools from the Library and Learning Centre. Follow the guidelines for the assignment as discussed in class and consult with your Professor/Instructor if you have any specific questions about the assignment dates.



Key Resource

APA Citation Guide

APA Citation Guide

Use the APA Citation Guide to support integration of sources in your academic work. The Citation Guide will help you avoid plagiarism, create in-text citations, and citations for your References page, and much more...


Citation Help

Research Appointment

Make a Research Appointment

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