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Book a 3D Printer

3D printing is an exciting technology that lets you print 3D designs into tangible objects. Although we prioritize academic bookings, you can use our 3D printers to support both your academic and personal projects.

To 3D print at the Sandbox, we ask you to complete our certification training. This training is free and covers the fundamentals of how to use our printers safely and effectively.

How to access a 3D Printer at the Sandbox

  1. Complete both parts of our online training module (including a short quiz).

  2. Book the printer using our online form (please note: bookings will only be accepted if a person has completed part 1 and 2 of our online training module).

  3. Wait to hear back from a Sandbox lead who will help you arrange your 3D booking.

Additional Information

Once you have completed the certification training you are free to arrange an appointment to print at the Sandbox by submitting the form linked to below.
Standard 3D printing bookings are a maximum of three hours, per day. Sandbox users are expected to leave the Sandbox by the end of their booking time.

  1. If your design requires more than 2 hours and 45 minutes hours to print, you will need to consult with Sandbox staff to see if your print qualifies for an extended booking.
  2. You should account for roughly 10 minutes of your visit to setup and cleanup as well as an in-person safety review of the equipment. Remember, you will be expected to slice your design at the Sandbox.
  3. Cancellation: Repeat no-shows will have their studio and 3D printing privileges revoked.
  4. Priority booking will be given for academic/course related projects.

  6. With an aim to support the whole Seneca community our printers can, at times, be in high demand. If you are unable to book a printer at the Sandbox, you may want to consider looking for access to a 3D printer through your local public library. Updated in February 2024, here is a list of 3D printer services located around the GTA.


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