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Information about the library's vision, mission, and values

About Us


Seneca Libraries is central to the vibrant instructional and learning culture found throughout the college. Through innovative services and collaborative partnerships, Seneca Libraries actively engages with the college community to enhance student success. We provide access to the finest library resources, trusted learning spaces and the expertise of professional librarians and support staff.


To create seamless access to Seneca Libraries’ resources, services and spaces by:

  • Integrating library products and services into all instructional modalities
  • Researching, experimenting with and distributing the new technologies that enhance and support diverse learning styles
  • Promoting innovation and excellence in teaching information literacy competencies for faculty and students
  • Advocating for improved library spaces that support student learning and knowledge creation
  • Expanding electronic formats through innovative technologies
  • Creating opportunities for library staff training
  • Pursuing collaborative relationships to enhance and develop quality products and services


Seneca Libraries is committed to quality by offering:

  • Student-centered product and service provision
  • Excellence in customer service and instructional activities
  • Respect for all students, faculty and staff
  • Vibrant workplaces based on personal integrity, professionalism, knowledge, accountability, diversity, openness and trust
  • Innovation in tracking, testing and implementing relevant and leading-edge technologies and resources
  • Collaboration, teamwork and leadership with internal and external partners
  • Empowerment through equitable library access regardless of media or learning style