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Other Library Catalogues

Ontario College Libraries

Seneca Libraries users can borrow library materials such as books, reports, theses, and photocopies of periodical articles from other Ontario college libraries. To find out more, see our Interlibrary Loan Procedures.

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Meta Sites

  • Library of Congress Gateway

    Provides links to library catalogues around the world.

  • LIBDEX: The Library Index

    An index of libraries for countries around the world. Libraries are grouped together by type of library, including academic, government, law, medical, public, religious, special, and more.

  • Ontario Public Library Web Pages

    An alphabetical listing of websites linking to public libraries across Ontario.

  • WorldCat

    The world's largest network of library content. Search many libraries at once for an item and then locate it in a library nearby. Find research articles and digital items.

Individual Sites

  • Library and Archives Canada

    Library and Archives Canada collects and preserves Canada's published works, receiving copies of all books written by Canadians, about Canada, or published in Canada. To access the library catalogue, search for AMICUS: the Canadian National Catalogue.

  • Toronto Metropolitan University Library

    Simply click on the Search box from the Toronto Metropolitan University Library's home page to search the catalogue for books, videos and journal titles available in the TMU library.

  • Toronto Public Library

    Simply click on Search box from the Toronto Public Library home page to search the catalogue for books, videos and journal titles available in the Toronto Public Library.

  • University of Toronto Library

    From the University of Toronto Libraries home page, use the search box to find resources. Library hours and a list of U of T libraries is available under "About Us".

  • York University Library

    The library catalogue is available by searching the main "Omni" search box. Library hours and telephone numbers are available under "About"