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Plagiarism: An Overview

What is Plagiarism?

Using someone else’s work (words, images, ideas, or phrases) and presenting it as your own.


To prevent plagiarism you should always cite your sources. For information on how to cite, visit:

APA Citation Guide

MLA Citation Guide

Types of Plagiarism: 

This happens when material is copied verbatim or paraphrased without an in-text citation, or references are listed but not actually used.
This happens when you copy a source verbatim or only change one or two words and don't include quotation marks to show it's a direct quote.
This happens when you copy from another student, or allow another student to copy from you.
This happens when you submit a previous assignment for more than one course, or treating anything you've previously written as new material.

 Test Yourself

Plagiarism is one type of Academic Integrity offence. Others include: Cheating, Falsification, Impersonation, Contract Cheating, and Inappropriate Collaboration.

What is Academic Integrity?

"A commitment to six fundamental values: honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility, and courage."

As cited in Seneca Polytechnic's Academic Integrity Policy

College Resources:

black and white badge with star and text that reads Academic Integrity bages

►Complete the Integrity in Action, Plagiarism & Citation, and/or Integrity Matters modules in order to earn Academic Integrity badges. 

►For information about earning badges, contact

Black and white policy document with checkmark and text that reads Academic Integrity Policy

Read through Seneca Polytechnic's Academic Integrity Policy.

Other Relevant Links:

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