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Develop Your Learning Skills

It might not be the course content that keeps us from achieving our best. Often it is the lack of, or poor, study habits we have. Learning online can pose even more challenges as it requires a different set of skills and a lot of discipline!

The great thing about developing these study and learning skills, is that they can be used to help you in all of your subjects. You will use these for the rest of your life.

Attend a Learning Skills Workshop

Our Study and Learning Skills workshops focus on time management, effective note-taking, test preparation and taking, and other study skills that promote effective studying and learning.


Academic 1:1 Coaching

If you could benefit from one-to-one guidance and coaching to help you improve things like your time management, note-taking or other study practices, we can help. Book a session with one of our Academic Coaches. Choose 'Learning and Life Skills Coaching' under the Study and Learning Skills Coaching service tab.


Explore our Online Content

View one of our recorded workshops now. Only have a few minutes to spare? We also have a collection of shorts that cover a variety of study habits and life skills topics. Browse our playlists and see what captures you.


Find a Study Skills Tip Sheet

Tip sheets are valuable resources that we have created over the years to answer some of our most often asked questions. We have collected our Study Skills tip sheets here for your convenience.