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Library Research at Seneca

Finding Statistics through Google


Statistics Canada is a website and government agency legislated to provide statistics for Canada and each of its provinces.

Statistics Canada Census Program

Statistics Canada Data Tables


Find more statistics by Googling the topic you want to know more about and adding the words "Canadian statistics". 



As with all research online, be sure to consider its relevance to your topic/assignment by assessing it, including its:

  • Currency (how old are these statistics?) 
  • Authority (who published these statistics?)

For more Google tips and tricks see our Google Research for Students tutorial.

Finding Statistics through Seneca Libraries


Check out the Data and Statistics guide from Seneca Libraries


Seneca Libraries subscribe to many databases that have data and statistical reports:

Statista (Statistical data and analysis of business, industry, product brands, market share, media, and social scientific topics)

Vividata (consumer demographics, media usage, lifestyle and attitudinal data, and product usage)

Link to all Seneca Libraries data and statistical reports databases


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