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 What is Seventh Generation Principle?

"Indigenous teachings speak of a seventh generation principle. This emphasizes that decisions made today should consider the impacts that will be seen seven generations from now. Our individual and collective decision-making must consider the generations to come if we are to realize a truly sustainable future" (Seneca Sustainability Plan).    

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The Maamwi Hub is inspired by the TRC 94 Calls to Action to ensure that the 24 Colleges of Ontario lead in the education of both staff and students on Indigenous history, culture, knowledge, and current Indigenous worldviews. The word "Maamwi" means "Together" in Anishinaabemowin, one of the widely spoken Indigenous languages in the territory currently referred to as Ontario. The Maamwi hub comprises of 5 major sections (About, Discover, Inquire, Inspire, and Empower) with each section categorized thematically.  

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