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Library Packages for Learn@Seneca (Blackboard): Library Packages

What are Library Packages?

►Library packages are zip files that you can add to your Learn@Seneca (Blackboard) course.

They create a content area in your course and usually contain a link to a tutorial and a quiz for students.

These quizzes are automatically graded and entered into your Grade Centre within Learn@Seneca (Blackboard). 

How Do I Import a Library Package?

Instructions for importing library packages (PDF)

Instructions for importing library packages (Video)

Faculty Miniseries Episode 01: The Library in Blackboard (Video + Resources)

►For help importing a library package, contact

►For Learn@Seneca (Blackboard) support, contact 

Looking for Sandbox Packages?

Integrate digital media into your course with a Sandbox Package 

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Developing Writing Skills 

Improving Time Management 

Working in Groups 

Library Packages below:

Plagiarism and Citation

Note: These plagiarism and citation packages contain 2 of the 3 Academic Integrity digital badge modules.


Included in the package:

Note: Package reflects rules from APA 7th edition


Included in the package:

Note: Package reflects rules from MLA 9th edition

General Research

Annotated Bibliographies

Included in the package:

Applied Research

Included in the package:

Generative AI

By the end of the Generative Artificial Intelligence tutorial, students should be able to:

  • Define Generative AI
  • Identify the challenges and opportunities of GenAI
  • Create basic prompts
  • Understand the acceptable uses of GenAI
  • Evaluate GenAI content
  • Understand how Academic Integrity effects the use of GenAI
  • Cite GenAI content in APA and MLA
  • Identify the best practices of GenAI and Copyright

What's included in this package?

  • The Sandbox's Generative AI module
  • An Artificial Intelligence customized search bar for Seneca Libraries
  • A GenAI quiz
  • Links to Sandbox resources aimed to help students with digital media

Download Generative AI Package

Library Research at Seneca

Included in the package:

Literature Reviews

Included in the package:

Nursing and Health Sciences Research

Choose from a variety of packages that target various aspects of finding health information. All packages contain a quiz, and content from the Finding Evidence-Based Information for Health Sciences Students tutorial. 

Research Readiness & Library Research

Included in the package:


BAM101 Business Research

Included in the package:

BAM107 Business News Research

Included in the package:


Included in the CAP Job Search Tutorial & Quiz package:

  • A link to the CAP Job Search Tutorial 
  • A 20-question multiple choice & true and false quiz about the tutorial (randomized from a question pool of 39)

Included in the CAP Cover Letter package:

  • A 17-question cover letter assignment 

Copyright for FCAD Students

Included in this package: 

FSH200 Research Tutorial & Quiz

Included in the package:

TEC400 Library Tutorial & Quiz

Included in the package:

Bridging Program - Mental Health and Addiction (BMHA) and Behavioural Psychology (BBP)

Included in this package is resources for academic research and writing:

Bridging Program - Nursing


Included in this package is resources for COM 101:

- customized Creating Effective Presentation Package

- customized Creating Videos package Package

- customized Creating Infographics Package


Included in the package: