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Art: Technique

This guide provides search tips and information on finding topics such as art, art history, technique, illustration, and more. Learn about where you can look for recommended materials within and outside of the library.

Finding Resources to Improve Your Technique

Whether you are looking to brush up your technique or learn a new style, there are many resources within and outside of the library that can help you to level up your skills. Below, you will find e-book databases that include resources with overviews of styles, tips and tricks from artists, and recommended tools. 

You will also find video tutorials that aim to instruct you on developing skills, primarily in digital software. Find videos that cover human anatomy, creating digital art, and more! 

Finally, check out some of the recommended books on technique within the library, as well as some websites to visit for artists materials and professional development.

Traditional vs. Digital

Traditional media and techniques can include pencil, pen, ink, paint, and anything traditionally used to create art.

Digital art is art which has been either created or significantly altered by a computing process.  With hardware and software always changing it can be difficult to navigate information and find what you need.  Be aware of your software versions when searching for material, and if you're struggling to find books and instructional content in Seneca's catalogue, try choosing a specific ebook or video tutorial database listed below:

Perfect Your Technique!

Video Tutorials

Sometimes it can be helpful to consult video tutorials for assistance in developing skills and learning new digital software. The databases listed below include videos, as well as self-paced courses to help you to develop your skills and technique! 

Web Resources

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