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Chemical & Physical Properties

How to Search Knovel Critical Tables for Boiling Point and Melting Point Information

1. Click on the Knovel Critical Tables link.

2. Click on the Property Search link within the left-hand menu, and then click on Open Material Property Search:

       property search button screenshot               open materials property search button

3. Type the name of your material into the Material or Substance Name search box and hit the Enter key:

search box screenshot

4. A long list of properties will appear on the right. Type the word boiling or melting into the Filter by Property Name box:

filter box screenshot

5. Drag the property you want to find into the blank area under the Material or Substance Name search box and click on the blue box that lists the number of results:


search box with filter screenshot

6. One or more tables will appear. Obtain the boiling point or melting point information for your material (melting point is highlighted in the following example) from the Basic Physical Properties of Chemical Compounds table:

properties table screenshot

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