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Advertising / Marketing

Getting Started

If you're just starting your research and are not quite sure where to start, you've come to right place. This guide was created to support Advertising and Marketing students and faculty at Seneca. The tabs along the side connect you with the best resources based on the type of information you might be looking for, while the tabs below will direct you to tools and tutorials to help you in your research.

Not sure where to start? Why not book a personalised research appointment with a librarian, for help with resources, databases, or assignment planning.

Tutorials & Resources

The following tutorials can help you in learning how to navigate academic marketing research.

Market sizing research tutorialMarket Sizing Research is best if you are looking to complete a market size assignment. This tutorial will help you in finding how much people live in an area, potential customers, where products are sold  and how many outlet you may be looking for. Common for completing a bottom-up and top-down market sizing exercise.



Industry and market research library resourcesThe Industry & Market Research one is for general industry and market research, highlighting how to navigate some of the top databases. You will find short tutorials for databases like Mintel, Passport GMID and how to specifically find information related to industries and markets.



Choosing the right databaseChoosing the Right Database will help you in understanding what type of information can be found in the main databases you might be using, so you can quickly go to the right ones based on your current needs. It provides a very top level of this subject guide. You may also want to explore the detailed Database Comparison Chart.



APA Manual (cover image)APA Citation Guide

For Advertising students, the APA style is the typically preferred citation style. Use the Seneca Libraries APA Citation Guide to support integration of sources in your academic work. The Citation Guide will help you avoid plagiarism, create in-text citations, and citations for your References page.

MLA Handbook (cover image)MLA Citation Guide

For Marketing students, the MLA style is the typically preferred citation style. Use the Seneca Libraries MLA Citation Guide to support integration of sources in your academic work. The Citation Guide will help you avoid plagiarism, create in-text citations, and citations for your Works Cited page.

Destination Academic Integrity (cover image)Destination Academic Integrity

Complete this interactive module to discover the supports and services that will help you understand and practice academic integrity at Seneca.

Integrity & plagiarism badgesIntegrity in Action and Citations & Plagiarism Badges

Complete these interactive tutorials to complete your required Integrity in Action and Citations & Plagiarism badges. Don't forget to enter your email at the start of the tutorial and submit your completed badges to your instructors if they have requested it.

The following tutorials can help you in doing academic research overall, which includes evaluating sources, finding sources and more.

Google research for students tutorialResearch in Google is very common in marketing and advertising for "street research". The Google Research for Students tutorial will help you in identifying appropriate sources, statistics, advanced search techniques, finding images and more.



Information on business people can be found in a variety of sources. Encyclopedias and other reference sources may include biographies of well-known people. Newspapers and magazines may publish interviews or profiles of prominent people, which often cover current topics. Additionally, company profiles may include information on key executives. The Researching Business People Tutorial will help you find this information.


Library research for students tutorialThe Library Research for Students tutorial can help you with finding academic articles, including peer-reviewed, choosing a topic, keywords, finding credible sources, evaluating sources and so much more. This is a really good place to start if doing library research is brand new to you, or if you're looking for a refresher.



Digital media tutorialsThere a number of Digital Media Tutorials for projects like videos, infographics, websites and more. Visit the Seneca Sandbox for webinars, tutorials and 1:1 digital media consultations.




calendar icon (in white) Assignment Planner
This Planner will help you break down your assignment or project into manageable steps and guide you to useful services and tools from the Library and Learning Centre. Follow the guidelines for the assignment as discussed in class and consult with your Professor/Instructor if you have any specific questions about the assignment dates.

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