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The library provides information literacy instruction. You can request any class have a workshop with a  librarian. The following courses are currently mapped to include a library session already.

  • CAB001
  • CAB190
  • CAB290
  • MRK200
  • MRK455
  • MKM701
  • MRT287
  • MRT487

The tutorials are available to you and your students and can be included in your instruction, or used in conjunction with a live class. You can also explore packages for your Blackboard course. These packages typically include the tutorial and additional content such as quizzes.

Getting Started with Academic Integrity and Citations


Complete the Academic Integrity Policy module for faculty

This module is for faculty to get acquainted with Seneca's academic integrity policy.

Assign the Destination Integrity module for students to complete

This tutorial is great for getting students acquainted with all the different services and supports to maintain healthy academic integrity.

Assign the academic integrity badges for students to complete

There are three badges for students to complete, the two key ones are Integrity in Action and Citations & Plagiarism. All students are required to have completed these two. You may consider assigning them in your class, especially for introductory courses.

All the citation and plagiarism details.

Citations Supports for Students

Students have three main supports for citations all easily found on the Citing Sources page from Seneca Libraries.

  • Live webinars that take place throughout the week. The schedule is always changing.
  • Live citation chat to talk with a citation expert.
  • Citation guides to help guide them through how to make different citations for APA and MLA.

Why use case studies?

You can also explore our entire guide on Business Case Studies for more details.

Databases for Case Studies

Recommendation for Library Purchase

book iconIs there a book, video, newspaper, or other resource that you think the library should have? Fill out this form to make a recommendation for library purchase!

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