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APA Citation Guide (APA 7th Edition): Works in Another Language / Translations

Works in a Another Language / Translations

Using Your Own Translations / Translations Generated by Apps

Note: This is a Seneca Libraries recommendation. Check with your instructor if you're planning to translate and cite sources written in another language. 

Reference List Citation

If you're citing a work that is in another language, include the English translation of the title in square brackets after the title. Remember to follow the citation template for the type of source that you're using.



Landry, A. (2022, August 18). Les risques de s’autodiagnostiquer un trouble de santé mentale avec les réseaux sociaux [The risks of self-diagnosing a mental health disorder with social media]. Radio-Canada.

In-Text Citation

If you've translated a quote from the work yourself or by using an app (e.g., Google Translate), treat the translation as a paraphrase instead of a direct quote. In your paragraphs, include the translation followed by an in-text citation which includes the author's last name, year of publication, and page/paragraph number of the translated section. 



This is my translation of a quote from an article that's written in another language (Landry, 2022, para. 3).

Republished Translations of Works
Reference List Citation

If you're referring to a work written in another language which has been republished in English, cite the English version of the work.

Remember to follow the citation template for the type of source that you're using. In your citation, include the translator's name after the title, and credit to the original work at the end.


Murakami, H. (2000). Norwegian wood (Jay Rubin, Trans.). Vintage International. (Original work published 1987)

In-Text Citation: Quote

In your in-text citation, include the year the original work was published and the year the translation was published.  


(Murakami,1987/2000, p. 77)

In-Text Citation: Paraphrase



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